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World Museum of Mining

Mine Tours and Exhibits

Open: Tuesday - Saturday
Hours: 10am - 5:30pm
Cost: $
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About the Museum

The World Museum of Mining exists to preserve the history of mining culture found in Butte and the surrounding areas. It was founded in 1963, not long before the decline of mining in the Butte area. Here, you can take a tour of an underground mine and visit dozens of exhibits related to Butte's mining history.

The museum is located on an actual mine yard, the Orphan Girl Mine. The mine tour portion of the museum explores this mine.

Exhibits at the World Museum of Mining are found along the streets of Hell Roarin' Gulch. Popular exhibits include the General Store and Saloon, the Chinese Laundry, and the First National Bank. Each exhibit contains historical artifacts from the turn of the century and gives you an idea of what life was like at that time.

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  • Email: buttewmm@gmail.com

Image may be subject to copyright
Image may be subject to copyright

What to Expect

The World Museum of Mining allows you to explore an actual underground mine and to browse dozens of interesting exhibits.

The Underground Mine Tour takes around 1.5 hours and is appropriate for adults and for children over 5 years old. During the tour, you'll explore the Orphan Girl Mine to a depth of 100 feet. A guide leads you thru the mine, explaining its inner workings.

This is a highly realistic tour. Plan on walking through some water and mud. Only two lights are in the mine, so most light comes from headlamps. (They provide each visitor with a hard hat with an attached headlamp.)

Note that the mine workings are not ADA compliant and will require walking along a 223% slope, with no stairs. You do have the option of discontinuing the tour and walking back, at any time.

The World Museum of Mining has several fascinating exhibits. Many are part of Hell Roarin' Gulch, an accurate recreation of an 1890s mining town. It includes reproductions of numerous buildings, including a general store, bank, and schoolhouse.

The Miners Memorial Wall and Remembering Garden is another important exhibit. The wall memorializes those who have died in the mines or mine yards around the Silver Bow Mining District since 1865.

You'll also want to visit the Mineral and Rock Room exhibit. The exhibit is made up of many rocks and minerals collected over the years by miner Roy Garrett. When Mr. Garrett died, his family donated the collection to the World Museum of Mining, so that others could enjoy his life's work.

One last note: Most of the museum's activities are outdoors, and you will be in Montana, so dress accordingly.


Wife and I really enjoyed the tour to the 100ft level of the mine. Our guide was very informed and answered our questions. I would highly recommend the tour.
Great tour of orphan lady mine. chute_mike, Trip Advisor
This place is huge, lot's of things to learn and explore! Coin operated machines showing how mining worked and looked like under ground! And you get the chance to see how folks lived back in the mining days in Butte, MT.!
Great fun and Educational. L_Alan_Wardell, Trip Advisor
The above-ground portion of the museum was closed on the day of my visit, due to the weather. But, the underground tours were still offered. Take the longer, deeper 100-foot tour if you can, to see more of the mines. The tour was very informative and interesting.
Take the underground tour! edisoncarter23, Trip Advisor
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